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Catalyst Consulting Group has worked with governments, private sector companies, NGO’s and media outlets throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia. Areas of expertise include fundraising, brand management, media & communications, and capacity building.

Catalyst Consulting Group will create powerful, effective and efficient strategies to meet each client’s unique goals. Clients will receive a fresh perspective on and innovative solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that confront international non-profits, corporations, foundations and governments trying to accelerate change.

We are experienced, culturally relevant, multi-lingual, reliable, flexible, dynamic — and always available to the client.  The service is personal, hands-on, and always responsive to the client’s needs and challenges.

Our experience spans the globe with networks of consultants, advocates, NGOs and journalists that can accelerate and amplify the need for policy adoption. Catalyst Consulting Group LLC has the ability to activate its global contacts to bring worldwide results for its clients.

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